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Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute Established


greenberg bladder cancer center
Making a difference: Philanthropists
Stephanie Cooper Greenberg
and Erwin L. Greenberg.


Despite its prevalence and the number of lives lost ever y year, bladder cancer does not get the attention it deser ves.” At Johns Hopkins, that’s changing in a big way.


This year, more than 74,000 Americans will be diagnosed with bladder cancer and an estimated 15,000 will die of it. And yet, public awareness of bladder cancer is not nearly as gr eat as it is for prostate cancer, breast cancer, or other higher-profile diseases. “Despite its prevalence, and the number of liv es lost every year, bladder cancer does not get the attention it deserves,” says Trinitiy Bivalacqua, M.D., Ph.D., Director of Urologic Oncology.


At Johns Hopkins, that’s changing in a big way. Thanks to the gener osity of Erwin L. Greenberg and his wife, Stephanie Cooper Greenberg and a $45 million co-investment with the Johns Hopkins University, the Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute has been created — the first bladder cancer institute in the history of the University.


The new Institute will bring together researchers from Hopkins and around the world who share a commitment to advancing the scientific understanding of bladder cancer and improving its treatment. “Our mission is to develop new clinical strategies for combating bladder cancer through intensive and innovative collaborative research,” says William Isaacs, Ph.D., the William Thomas Gerrard, Mario Anthony Duhon and Jennifer and John Chalsty Professor of Urology and Professor of Oncology, who is serving as the Institute’s Interim Director. “At Johns Hopkins, we are uniquely able to offer multidisciplinary expertise, with some of the world’s best scientists able to share ideas and tackle this disease from many different angles.” The Institute will include faculty from the Brady Urologic Institute, the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, and the Departments of Radiation Oncology/ Molecular Radiation Sciences and Pathology. The Hopkins members of the Institute will also collaborate with bladder cancer experts at other institutions, both national and international.


The Greenberg gift, which is the lar gest designated bladder cancer research gift ever given to Hopkins, was made through the Erwin and Stephanie Greenberg Foundation, whose philanthropy focuses on issues of poverty, education, and medical research. Erwin Greenberg, a Baltimore-area commercial real estate developer, serves on several nonprofit boards, including the Kimmel Cancer Center’s National Advisory Board, and Stephanie Cooper Greenberg serves on the advisory boards of the University’s Berman Institute of Biothethics, and of the Johns Hopkins Center for Innovative Medicine.

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