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Alan Partin
Partin: Urology began here at the Brady.

A Century of Leading the Way
From 1915 to 2015: continuing on the path of innovation and Discovery


The year 1915 marked a first in American medicine: the opening of the Brady Urological Institute. Never before had there been a freestanding hospital dedicated solely to the field of Urology. For that matter, the field of Urology as a surgical specialty was invented at Johns Hopkins by a surgeon and scientist named Hugh Hampton Young. Young’s accomplishments would fill up these pages , but you can read the highlights in our special Centennial section. You can also read how we got our name — from our benefactor, James Buchanan “Diamond Jim” Brady, whose generous donation made this Institute possible.


As usual in this issue of Discovery, you will get a glimpse at the incr edible volume, breadth and depth of our research on prostate cancer, our innovations in treatment, and our work toward preventing prostate cancer from ever developing. And finally, you may notice that our name has changed: Instead of Prostate Cancer Discovery, this is simply, Discovery.


From now on, we will be bringing you advances in our work related to other genitourinary cancers . For example, you can read about our innovative program for watchful waiting on small kidney cancers, our minimally invasive surgery program and our surgeons who routinely do something very few surgeons in the world do — remove part of the kidney, which removes cancer but saves the kidney and dramatically minimizes complications. And you will see another first: A new Institute dedicated to bladder cancer, the Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute, made possible by the generosity of Erwin L. Greenberg and Stephanie Cooper Greenberg. In a century, Johns Hopkins has created and continued to transform the field of Urology.


We look forward to our next century with great excitement and hope.


Best wishes,
Alan W. Partin, M.D., Ph.D.
David Hall McConnell Professor and Director
The Brady Urological Institute


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