Michael Hiroshi Johnson , M.D.

Assistant Professor Urology, Oncology

Associate Program Director Urologic Oncology Fellowship
Director, International Urology

Appointments: 410-955-6100

Office: 410-614-9156

Email: mjohn257@jhmi.edu

Dr. Johnson is an Assistant Professor of Urology and Oncology.  He was recruited to the faculty after completing his urologic oncology fellowship at Johns Hopkins.  Prior to Hopkins, Dr. Johnson received his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College, his medical degree from the University of Washington, and completed his residency at Washington University in St. Louis.

As a fellowship-trained urologic oncologist, Dr. Johnson has received advanced training in treating prostate, kidney, and bladder cancers.  He treats these diseases with both open and minimally-invasive/robotic approaches.   This includes radical prostatectomy, radical/partial nephrectomy, and radical cystectomy. 

 Utilizing the latest technologies and surgical techniques, Dr. Johnson creates treatment plans that emphasize a lasting cure and speedy recovery. He believes that the keys to exceptional patient care are a prompt evaluation and excellent communication.  His goal is to provide the best possible care, working with referring physicians to ensure patients transition back home in a seamless manner.

 Dr. Johnson’s research laboratory focuses on using genomic and computational tools for personalized, preventive, and predictive  cancer care.  Having received training in computational biology and Systems Biology, he is funded by the National Institutes of Health to advance “Big Data” efforts for precision medicine in kidney cancer using personalized tumor sequencing.  He holds additional grant funding in bladder cancer immunotherapy and prostate cancer research.

Dr. Johnson has received numerous awards, for his teaching and research efforts. He has authored many scientific publications, including research articles, videos of surgical techniques, and textbook chapters.

Dr. Johnson welcomes patient inquiries and referrals.  Contacting him directly by phone (410-614-9156) or email (michael.h.johnson@jhmi.edu) will allow him to collect the necessary records, prior to a clinic appointment.

Active Research:
Project Title: Integrated computational and biological identification of personalized tumor-specific neoantigens in renal cell carcinoma
Source: Urology Care Foundation Research Scholar
Description: This study utilizes whole-exome sequencing of renal cell carcinoma tumors to identify tumor-specific antigens

Project Title: Molecular analysis and precision medicine in renal cell carcinoma
Source: NIH Mentored Career Development Award in Biomedical Big Data Science (K01)
Description: This study focuses on the analysis of genome-scale molecular data to discover predictors of medical treatment success in patients with renal cell carcinoma.

Project Title: Rapid lymphocyte enrichment and expansion using tumor-specific neoantigens in urothelial cell carcinoma
Source: Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute
Description: This study utilizes a novel technology to select lymphocyte clones that are stimulated by computationally-predicted, tumor-specific peptides.

Project Title: Longitudinal blood-based analyses in post-prostatectomy men
Source: Patrick C. Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Fund
Description: This study utilizes collects longitudinal blood samples in post-prostatectomy men and performs proteomic analyses to determine a blood-based signature of the prostate and prostate cancer.



School of Medicine
University of Washington, Seattle WA


Chemistry/Computer Science
Dartmouth College, Hanover NH


Software Engineer 
2001 – 2005 
Computational Biology
Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle WA

Fellow in Urological Oncology
The James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore MD

Resident in Urological Surgery

Division of Urology
Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis MO

Intern in General Surgery

Department of General Surgery
Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis MO



Free access to abstracts at PubMed

Original Research

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Case Reports

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Book Chapters, Monographs

  1. Johnson MH, Allaf ME. The da Vinci Surgical System. In Atlas of Laparoscopic Retroperitoneal Surgery. 3rd ed., edited by Bishoff JT and Kavoussi LR, Saunders, Accepted, awaiting publication.
  2. Johnson MH, Brandes SB, Coplen DE. Pediatric Urethral Strictures. In Advanced Male Urethral and Genital Reconstructive Surgery. 2nd ed., edited by Brandes SB and Morey AF. Humana press, 2014.

Other Media (Videos, Websites, Blogs, Social Media, etc.)

  1. Johnson MH, Mobley JM, Figenshau RS. Retroperitoneal access for robotic-assisted renal surgery. J Endourol Part B Videourology.. DOI:10.1089/vid.2013.0025




Awards & Honors

Urology Care Foundation Research Scholars Program award (2015-2016)
Morris Abrams Award, most compassionate resident (2014)
Sexual Medicine Society Men’s Health Travelling Fellowship Award (2013)
Washington University Resident Teacher of the Year (2012)
IVUmed Travelling Resident Scholarship (2012)
William J. von Liebig Fellowship in vascular surgery (2006)
Dartmouth College Presidential Scholar (2000)