Bruce J. Trock, Ph.D.

Director, Division of Epidemiology, Brady Urological Institute at Johns Hopkins
Frank Hinman, Jr. Professor of Urology
Professor of Epidemiology
Professor of Oncology
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

600 N. Wolfe St. , 211 Park Bldg. , Baltimore, MD 21287-8915

Appointments: 410-955-2517

Office: 410-614-9440


Fax: 410-502-7711

BDr. Bruce Jeffrey Trock is the Frank Hinman Jr. endowed Professor of Urology, and is Professor of Epidemiology and Oncology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He serves as the Director of the Division of Epidemiology in the Brady Urological Institute at Johns Hopkins. His research focuses on prostate cancer.  Prior to joining Johns Hopkins, Dr. Trock was a tenured associate professor at Georgetown University’s Lombardi Cancer Center, where he was also Director of the Cancer Biomarker Resource, with prior positions at the Fox Chase Cancer Center, and the University of Pennsylvania.

In addition to his faculty appointments at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Trock is the Director of the Biostatistics Core for the Johns Hopkins Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) in Prostate Cancer.  He also was the founding Director, and is now Co-Director of the Prostate Cancer Biorepository Network, a collaboration between the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the New York University School of Medicine, University of Washington, the Institute of Cancer Research (London), Washington University,  and the United States Department of Defense that provides high quality, well-annotated prostate cancer tissues and biospecimens to prostate cancer researchers worldwide.
Dr. Trock has authored or co-authored more than 270 published articles and has been principal or co-principal investigator on numerous research grants.


September 1986 Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene
Baltimore, MD
Doctor of Philosophy, Epidemiology
Chairman: Leon Gordis, M.D.
June 1979 University of Michigan School of Public Health
Ann Arbor, MI
Master of Public Health, Epidemiology
June 1976

Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI
Bachelor of Science, Physiology

August 1974 University of Michigan -Ann Arbor, MI
Bachelor of Science, Mathematics




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  • Society for Epidemiologic Research

  • American Society of Preventive Oncology

  • American Association for Cancer Research

Awards & Honors

7/1/01-6/30/02 Principal Investigator. Impact of Environmental Cadmium Exposure on Prostate Cancer Risk in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area. Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund
10/1/99-9/30/04 Principal Investigator. Detecting Breast Cancer Protein Signatures in Body Fluids. National Cancer Institute
10/1/99-9/30/02 Principal Investigator. Molecular Epidemiology of Prostate Cancer. Department of Defense
7/1/98-6/30/01 Principal Investigator. Angiogenic growth factors in nipple aspirate fluid. Department of Defense
1996-1999 Principal Investigator. Role of Cadmium in the Development of Breast Cancer. American Cancer Society
1993-1996 Principal Investigator. Molecular Epidemiology of Head and Neck Cancer. American Cancer Society
1995- 2000 Principal Investigator. Breast Cancer Serum Bank Core Facility - SPORE in Breast Cancer. National Cancer Institute
1996-1997 Principal Investigator. Early Detection Based on p53 in Nipple Aspirate Fluid. Cancer Research Foundation of American
1996-2000 Co-Principal Investigator. A Coordinated Approach to Breast Cancer Diagnosis. Department of Defense