Patrick C. Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Fund

To ensure that a multi-disciplinary approach to discovery in the field of prostate cancer flourishes, the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions has established The Patrick C. Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Fund. This fund will attract and support the best and brightest scientists throughout Johns Hopkins to join in an effort to defeat the number one cancer in men.

Since its inception in 1915, the Brady Urological Institute at Johns Hopkins has focused single-mindedly on the study of prostate cancer and the goal of finding better ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat the disease. Over the past 20 years, progress in discovery has skyrocketed.

These discoveries have been made by basic scientists, urologists, medical and radiation oncologists, and pathologists at Johns Hopkins working tirelessly together. The secret to their success has been the interaction of individuals with diverse backgrounds collaborating in a multi-disciplinary way using unique skills to tackle the same enemy.

To make certain that this multi-disciplinary effort continues and that new scientists from other fields are drawn into endeavor, the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions has established a Prostate Cancer Research Fund that has been named in honor of Dr. Patrick C. Walsh, who served as Chairman of the Brady Urological Institute for more than 30 years. The fund is designed to attract outstanding scientists from the entire Johns Hopkins University who bring fresh thinking and new research initiatives. Each year a request for applications will be distributed to all scientists throughout Hopkins, soliciting their interest in applying for research funding in the field of prostate cancer. These grants will be reviewed by a scientific advisory board which will award funding to projects that hold the most promise.

The inaugural round of awards were given in the Spring of 2005. Click here for more details and to submit your application.