April 24, 2014

Robert Veltri, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Urology
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions


Dr. Veltri served on the faculty of microbiology and surgery of WVU from 1969-80, where his research covered the areas of infectious diseases, immunology, and cancer biomarkers. Dr. Veltri developed a fee for service clinical immunology and virology diagnostic testing service for the WVU hospital's department of clinical pathology that generated about $100,000 in revenue by 1980. Teaching responsibilities included medical, dental, nursing and graduate level students in areas of microbiology, virology, and cancer biology. He also trained and served as advisor for eight MS and seven Ph.D. graduate students of microbiology during his tenure at WVU. A total of seventeen Medical, Dental, and Medical Technology students did research clerkships in Dr. Veltri's laboratory during his tenure at WVU. He obtained more than $1.0 Million in extramural research funding while at WVU. Served as President of the WVU chapter of Sigma Xi and also received an outstanding teacher's award in 1976.

In 1981-84 Dr. Veltri established an R&D team, which developed the first diagnostic application for liposomes that consisted of rapid (1-2 minutes) and sensitive (10-fold improvement to ng/ml) slide co-agglutination diagnostic kits for infectious and rheumatologic diseases. Three Class II, FDA approved 510K products were transferred to manufacturing and released to market based upon a proprietary and patented co-agglutination technology that employed a proprietary method to prepare protein-A coated Liposomes and combine them with antibody coated latex particles. The three FDA approved tests were for Streptococcal Group A, Rheumatoid arthritis, and Infectious Mononucleosis.

In 1984, Dr. Veltri founded the American Biotechnology Company in Rockville, MD (acquired by Theracel Corporation in 1988). We discovered two unique classes of L-Ascorbic acid derivatives based upon the use of an Aldol and Michael addition series of modifications performed at the C-2 position of the molecule (see patents 1,2,4,5, 7 and 8 above). These small molecules were all of very low toxicity, water-soluble and demonstrated a variety of biological activities including anti-cancer, anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory activity.

In 1996, Dr. Veltri and his R&D team commercialized the first statistical-based (Logistic Regression model) and patented algorithm to predict prostate cancer post-operative stage based upon pre-treatment quantitative biopsy pathology as well as DNA ploidy and quantitative nuclear grade information determined by image analysis. The product was Trademarked “UroScoreTM”, a term suggested by Dr. Veltri. There are three publications (reference # 51, 77 and 88 in the above bibliography) on the subject.


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