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NCT02489357: Pembrolizumab and Cryosurgery in Treating Patients with Newly Diagnosed, Oligo-metastatic Prostate Cancer

Traditionally, men with metastatic (wide spread) prostate cancer were treated with hormonal deprivation. This therapy can extend survival but, in most men, the prostate cancer will adapt and the disease will progress. Immunotherapies (which harness the power, specificity, and adaptability of the immune system) carry with them a potential for disease cure even in the advanced state. This study investigates the combination of immune-stimulatory prostate cryosurgery and Pembrolizumab with standard of care androgen deprivation to achieve therapeutic responses in men with newly diagnosed low volume (less than 5 lesions) metastatic prostate cancer.

PI: Ashley E. Ross MD PhD

Contact Name: Ashley E. Ross MD PhD
Phone: 443-287-7225

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