March 1, 2015


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Prostate cancer is being diagnosed today earlier than ever. This is good news for those men who have life threatening cancers and for whom treatment is necessary to extend life. However, for many men diagnosed today who would have otherwise not known during their lifetime that they had prostate cancer if a biopsy had not been done, the news may not provide any benefit. Most of these men undergo immediate treatment with surgery or radiation -treatment that may not add years to life.

Prostate cancer is not just one disease but a diverse and complicated adversary: So, then, must be our tactics for managing it. For nearly a century marked by painstaking, pioneering research, scientists at the Brady Urological Institute have led the world's efforts to diagnose and treat prostate cancer. Our efforts have led the way in helping patient's make rational choices between management options that include brachytherapy, external beam radiotherapy, radical prostatectomy (open, robotic, and laparoscopic), and careful monitoring of their disease without immediate treatment (expectant management).

   Prostate: Function, Anatomy
   Screening and diagnosis
   The Partin Tables
   The Han Tables
    Anatomical Retropubic
    Prostatectomy- Detailed     description of the surgical
    Nerve-Sparing Robotic
    Radical Prostatectomy
    Nerve-Sparing Laparoscopic
    Radical Prostatectomy
   Active Surveillance
   Hereditary Prostate Cancer
   Erectile Dysfunction Following
   Radical Prostatectomy

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