Healthy Living Tips

Recent studies have shown that a man’s lifestyle—especially nutrition and exercise—has a significant influence in prostate cancer prevention and treatment.

Follow these tips to help you live a healthier life (

  • Lose body fat by eating fewer calories per day than you burn
  • Maintain muscle mass by increasing protein intake and exercise
  • Cut carbohydrate intake to cut down on excess fat and weight, which can slow tumor growth
  • Exercise every day, combining cardiofitness and weight lifting; try to take 10,000 steps per day (5 miles)
  • Eat nine servings a day of colorful fruits and vegetables
  • Reduce stress by focusing on living a balanced life and taking care of yourself
  • Plan ahead to eat healthfully and minimize stress
  • Track your behaviors and help chart your progress
  • Establish a support system by maintaining healthy relationships with people who understand what you are going through