Pravin Rao, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Director of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

Brady Urological Institute at Bayview Medical Center
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center 4940 Eastern Avenue 301 Building, Suite 3104 Baltimore, MD 21224

Appointments: 443-997-1849

Office: 410-550-0403


Fax: 410-550-3341


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Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

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Case Reports:

  1. Jayaram G, Rao P. "Safety of Trazodone as a Sleep Agent for Inpatients." Psychosomatics. 2005 Aug; 46:367-369

  2. Rao P, Sabanegh E. "Genitourinary Sarcoidosis: A Case Review". Reviews in Urology. 2009 Spring;11(2):108-13.

Book Chapters, Monographs:

  1. Rao P, Sabanegh E. "Varicocele" in Atlas of Small Surgery in Urology. Editors: Matias R, Tajra L. Publication Pending. Publisher: Sarvier.

Other media (films, videos, CD-ROMS, slide sets, etc.)

  1. Ong A, Link R, Ellison L, Allaf M, Pinto P, Bhayani S, Varkarakis I, Inagaki T, Rao P, Jarrett T,     Kavoussi L. "Telerounding" Video at American Urological Association Annual Meeting 2004 in San Francisco, CA.

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