Volume III, Winter 2007

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  1. What Matters Most to Us

  2. The Search for Better Tests

  3. A Chair of Greatness: Don Coffey Honored

  4. The Gleason Score at 40: Still Making the Grade

  5. Good News for Men Diagnosed with Gleason 7 Cancer

  6. "Lance Armstrong Effect" Gives a New Weapon Against Advanced Cancers Heat

  7. Turning Back the Clock on Advanced Cancer

  8. Where's My Best Friend? Loss of Intimacy and Hormonal Therapy

  9. Men with Low-Risk Prostate Cancer: Expectant Management, with Curative Intent

  10. L A PA R O S C O P I C     R A D I C A L       P R O S T A T E C T OM Y:
    Robot Help or Hype?

  11. Stem Cells, Inflammation, and Prostate Cancer

  12. Hernias After Radical Prostatectomy

  13. Inherited Genes that Make Prostate Cancer More Likely

  14. Making Life Better for Our Patients and Their Families

New Edition

It's the "Bible" of urology around the world, the textbook that has helped train urologists for generations. It used to be known as Campbell's Urology. But in recognition of its editor-in-chief, Patrick Walsh --who has worked hard over the last 25 years to make this the best textbook in the field -- the book's name has changed. The textbook today has grown to four volumes and 4,000 pages, and now is called Campbell-Walsh Urology. The Ninth Edition, soon to be released, also features Alan Partin, Director of Urology, as one of the senior editors.

(Almost) Hot off the Press

Coming in 2007, completely revised and updated: The Second Edition of Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer, written by Patrick C. Walsh, M.D., University Distinguished Service Professor of Urology, and science writer Janet Farrar Worthington, offers a message of hope to every man facing this illness. Prostate cancer is a different disease in every man—which means that the right treatment is different for every man, as well. This lifesaving guide gives you a second opinion from the world's top experts in surgery, pathology, urology, and radiation and medical oncology, so you can determine the plan that's best for you.


  • What causes prostate cancer: Your risk factors, including heredity, diet, and environment
  • How some simple changes in your diet and lifestyle may help prevent or delay the disease
  • Why the digital rectal exam and PSA test can save your life
  • The latest treatment options: From Dr. Walsh's "nerve-sparing" radical prostatectomy to new radiation techniques, laparoscopic procedures, and new drugs that are revolutionizing treatment of advanced cancer
  • Your best bets for maintaining continence and potency after treatment

This year alone, more than 200,000 American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. The good news is that more men are being cured of this disease than ever before. AsWalsh andWorthington say throughout this book: "There has never been more hope."

"The ultimate book on the No. 1 men's disease in the world...should be in every man's home."
— USA Today

"Comforting, encouraging... a must-read for women, men, and families...tells you everything you need to know."
— Elizabeth Dole

"Dr. Walsh is widely regarded as the nation's finest prostate surgeon.... Very current...thoroughgoing primer on the disease, full of accessible but detailed explanations."
— Washington Post


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