January 28, 2015

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   Urological Institute Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Volume 1, Winter 2005

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  1. Getzenberg Takes Helm of Brady’s Research Program

  2. Critical Mass, and Creative Momentum

  3. Looking for Markers

  4. After Cancer Diagnosis, Is it Okay to Wait a Few Months Before Having Surgery?

  5. Scientists Named in First Round of Funding

  6. Unleashing Good Genes to Reform Cancer Cells

  7. Immunotherapy: Making it Better

  8. New Tests Look for "Silenced" Genes

  9. Stopping Cancer’s Blood Supply

  10. Blocking Metastasis,Protecting Bone

  11. Hedgehog Blockers:Can They Stop Advanced Prostate Cancer? Scientists One Step Closer To Finding Out

  12. Scandinavian Study Shows Prostatectomy Patients Do Better, Live Longer

  13. A Verdict in the Great Treatment Debate

  14. Obesity and Prostate Cancer: Does Being Overweight Make it Worse?

  15. High-Tech Seed Placement Making Brachytherapy Even More Precise

  16. Need A Radical Prostatectomy? Find a Hospital Where They Do Many of Them

  17. Could Fighting Chronic Prostate Inflammation Help Prevent Cancer?

  18. For Men at Risk, Radiation Combined With Temporary Hormonal Therapy

  19. The Changing Picture of High-Grade PIN Not As Sharp a Pointer as it Used To Be

  20. Prostate Cancer and Men with Very Low PSA Levels The Key to Screening is Getting a Baseline Level, and Watching It Closely

  21. Sparing Potency, Sparing Nerves with Laparoscopic Prostatectomy

  22. Prostate Cancer Runs in Some Families; World’s Largest Study Aims to Find out Why

  23. Killing Prostate Cancer with PSA-Detonated "Smart Bombs"

  24. Nerve-Protecting Drugs May Help Men Recover Potency Sooner

  25. STRICTURE-FREE AND CONTINENT Help for Severe Bladder Neck Contracture

  26. Which Drug is the Real Hero of Vaccine Trial?

  27. Is Prostate Cancer Likely to Return? Global Study Launches Preemptive Strike

  28. Gene Warfare: The Latest from the Front

  29. If Prostate Cancer Comes Back, Who Needs Aggressive Treatment?

  30. Could a Simple Urine Test Detect Prostate Cancer?

  31. How Some Cancer Survives Deadly Attack

  32. The Battles We Fight


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