January 29, 2015

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Volume IV, Spring 1997


From the Director: From Bench to Bedside, and Back Again

At Last, Genetic Proof: Prostate Cancer Can be Inherited

Cancer Control After Radical Prostatectomy: Long-Term Results


Prostate Surgery in Men with Positive Lymph Nodes

"Free" PSA is Earliest Marker of Prostate Cancer

Yearly PSA Tests: Do All Men Need Them?

Genetic Susceptibility to Prostate Cancer: Are African Americans More Vulnerable?

Radical Prostatectomy in Men Younger than 50

Honors and Awards: Hopkins Receives SPORE Grant

After Radical Prostatectomy: When Surgical Margins are Positive,or too Close to Call

When PSA Goes up After Surgery

An Enzyme that Holds the Key to Immortality

Can Prostate Cancer be Prevented?

Everything You Wanted to Know about Prostate Cancer,But Couldn't Find in One Place

Gene Therapy: Fighting Fire with Fire

When Cancer Escapes the Prostate: New Strategiesfor Prediction, Treatment

Endothelin: The Key to Bone Pain?

The Tables that Revolutionized Treatment Decision-Making:Now Bigger and Even Better

The Fight Against Advanced Cancer: New and Better Drugs

Why Hormone Therapy isn't Enough

The PSA-Making Phenomenon

Can You Share Your Wisdom?

How You Can Help


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