January 29, 2015

   A Publication of the James Buchanan Brady
   Urological Institute Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Volume III, Spring 1994


Letter to Patients

Hereditary Prostate Cancer: A New Discovery

Excellent Cancer Control at 10 Years

Do I Need Treatment?

Why Make An Early Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer?

Results of Clinical Studies

What if PSA Goes up After Surgery?

Improving PSA for Diagnosis

Improved Preoperative Staging of Prostate Cancer: Predicting How Far it's Spread

Medical Oncologists Join Faculty

Experimental Approaches to Improved Drug Therapy of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Nuclear Martix Proteins May Improve Prostate Cancer Detection


Molecular Genetics of Prostate Cancer

Mutations of Receptor for Androgens

Human Gene Therapy

Fund for Research & Progress in Urology


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