Making Life Better for Our Patients and Their Families

What makes Johns Hopkins Urology consistently — for 16 years in a row — ranked the very "Best of The Best" by a national news magazine? It's discovery, the subject of this newsletter, and the heart of the Brady Urological Institute. It's what drives everyone who works here. We're making a difference, and we know it — and we want to keep on making life better for our patients and their families. Our unparalleled scientific discoveries have forever changed the way prostate cancer is diagnosed and treated worldwide.

The discoveries written about on these pages show that there is something truly fascinating, even revolutionary going on at the Brady Urological Institute. We specialize in translating scientific discoveries into practical applications. This "translational research" typically begins at "the bench" with basic research, in which scientists study disease at a molecular or cellular level, then progresses to the clinical level — the patient's "bedside."

Translational research, when pursued with vigor, has a profound impact on improving our ability to care for our patients. Led by Alan Partin, Director of Urology, in the great tradition started by Patrick Walsh, we are working to expedite this "bench-to-bedside" process. Now more than ever, our vision is one of collaborative scientific interactions, hastening promising observations and facilitating scientific discoveries. The primary goal of all our research and clinical efforts is meeting our patients' needs. For example:

Patients need flexible and diverse, custommade treatment plans. Just as prostate cancer is different in every man, treatment must be, as well. Every man with prostate cancer who comes to Johns Hopkins will find physicians seeking the most appropriate treatment option for him. "Onesize- fits-all" care is not an option here.

Patients need multi-disciplinary clinical trials and the latest breakthroughs — discoveries that can change their lives — as quickly as possible. Our scientists understand that some patients do not have the luxury of time. 

Patients need better and more accurate tests to diagnose disease as early as possible. Currently, PSA is the best tool we have for prostate cancer diagnosis; our scientists are working to change this. We are intensively studying biomarkers that will not miss cancer or subject men to unnecessary biopsies. 

Patients need better treatment options. That's why Hopkins scientists are leading discoveries in new technologies and treatment for prostate cancer. 

The greatest challenge we face in bringing the latest research from the laboratory to our patients is finding the resources necessary to support the process. With increased competition for Federal funding and ongoing cuts in these critical funds, we need your support now more than ever. With your help, we can continue our battle to conquer prostate cancer. We hope you will make a gift to support The Brady Urological Institute, using the enclosed envelope. For question about making a gift, or if you are considering a gift of stock, real estate, IRA, or other asset, please call (410) 516-6160.


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