Critical Mass, and Creative Momentum

So close, we can feel it. Breakthroughs every day. Hope is all around us at the Brady, and in this issue of Discovery, we've tried to convey some of the excitement to you. The phrase "thinking out-side the box" means thinking innovatively, and if I had to sum up the way we approach our work here, I would say that's what we're doing -thinking creatively. The Brady has always been a bit outside the traditional academic mold - for one thing, we never pigeonhole people, limiting their field of study. Instead, our approach has been to bring together a lot of very smart scientists and physicians, and let them help each other to make life better for our patients. The result is an atmosphere that's stimulating, productive, and inventive, with scientists from many disciplines- urologists, molecular biologists, geneticists,radiation oncologists, pathologists, epidemiologists, medical oncologists - achieving "critical mass," and awesome momentum.

The Patrick C. Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Fund is an ideal example of this: We didn't go looking for "prostate cancer scientists." Instead, we opened the door to scientists in any field with good ideas, and the results have been just as exciting as we'd hoped . All of you who have helped, and are continuing to help, make this possible, should be very proud of what you have set in motion. Our new research director, Robert Getzenberg, sets another good example of the Brady approach - his mission, with our patients always in mind, is to speed up the process of bringing research advances to those whose lives are depending on them.

On a personal note, it is wonderful having Alan Partin as my successor. Dr. Partin is doing a great job, and without having to spend so much time on administration duties, I have been able to concentrate fully on my patients and my own work,operating as often as always, and traveling a little more than usual as a guest speaker, to Austria, China, Korea and India. Once again, I enjoyed a "working vacation" this summer, reviewing video tapes of recent cases, and formulating somenew surgical concepts for my next chapter in the Ninth Edition of the Campbell-Walsh Textbook of Urology. Everything I learn, and all of the advancement shappening here at the Brady every day -particularly, new advancements in radiation oncology, brachytherapy, and chemotherapy, as reflected in the work of Ted DeWeese, Danny Song, Mario Eisenberger and Michael Carducci, will be reflected in the revised version of Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer, which I am currently writing with Janet Farrar Worthington. And all of this, as always, is dedicated to our patients and their families.

Patrick C. Walsh, M.D.University Distinguished Service Professor of Urology


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