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Keep it Simple

We have one mission: To save lives from prostate cancer through diligence and discovery- in the laboratory, in the operating room, and in the clinic. Everything we do is directly inspired by our patients, and the dedication of our physicians and scientists to helping them.

Every day, in our fight against prostate cancer, our surgeons and scientists come to work armed with hope and sustained by these goals: Pushing back the edges of what is known in our field, saving lives and improving quality of life.
We accomplish our mission with the help of three simple beliefs:

First:You only make important discoveries by working on important problems. How can we reduce deaths from prostate cancer? By focusing our efforts, on four main avenues of research:

  • Preventing cancer from developing
  • Improving early diagnosis
  • Reducing side effects of treatment, and
  • Discovering new ways to manage advanced disease.

     Second, we live by the motto: "Do one thing well before doing the next thing." In the operating room, this means that each operation is a piece of art, a time of total concentration so that the patient can have his cancer cured with the fewest side effects. In the laboratory, this means devoting hours, days, long nights, and even years chiseling away at a single problem until we know for sure whether the answer is yes or no. 

Finally, we believe in the words of great architect Mies van der Rohe, "Less is more." We don't have to do everything. Far better, instead, to identify the most important problems, concentrate on each one and do it well, than to do everything less well. 
This Update summarizes some of our latest findings, many of which would not have been possible without the participation and dedication of our patients. We are grateful to have you as our partners in discovery.


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