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Medical Oncologists Join Faculty


Today, once prostate cancer cells spread to other sites, it is impossible to destroy them completely with medical therapy. Therefore, improved techniques for the management of advanced disease are a major priority. To address this important aspect of prostate cancer, we have recentlv appointed 3 medical oncologists to the faculty of The Brady Urological Institute.

Dr. Mario Eisenberger is an Associate Professor of Oncology & Urology. He is one of the world's experts on Suramin, a potent inhibitor of growth factors which induces a dramatic response in some patients with advanced prostate cancer. Dr. Eisenberger has established a major clinic for the management of men with advanced prostate cancer.

In addition, two young medical oncologists have established their laboratories on the 4th floor of The Brady Urological Institute. Dr. Jonathan Simons and Dr. William Nelson will dedicate 90% of their time and effort to laboratory investigations directed at developing new pathways for the control and cure of advanced prostate cancer. We are thrilled to have these talented members as part of our team.

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