February 18, 2019

   A Publication of the James Buchanan Brady
   Urological Institute Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Volume I, Spring 1988

Urology Research Endowment Fund

Last year, many of you received a letter describing our plans to establish an endowment fund for research in prostatic cancer. As you know, the Brady Urological Institute is a major center for the treatment of prostatic disease with a variety of important programs investigating benign and malignant neoplasms of the prostate. Although these programs are well-funded by federal grants, we feel that the viability of these important projects may be threatened. Already, there has been extensive shifting of research emphasis away from cancer toward other diseases such as AIDS. Furthermore, in an effort to fight the growing national debt, there is constant pressure on Congress to reduce federal spending of all types. We are concerned that, ultimately, research in prostatic diseases may receive less emphasis and we will be unable to continue some of our important studies.

To ensure the future of research in prostatic cancer at the Brady Urological Institute, we have established the Urology Research Endowment Fund. We have set a goal of $4 million which includes an endowed chair for the director of research and endowed research funds to support programs during hard times. I was thrilled by the response to last year's letter. Overall, we received $200,000 toward our goal with the promise of an endowed chair over the next 10 years. As I mentioned at that time, our long-term goal is research endowment. Contributions at any time, either now, in yearly installments, or through mechanisms such as trusts or bequests, will be appreciated. All contributions should be directed to the Urology Research Endowment Fund and mailed directly to Dr. Walsh.


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