Walsh Honored by American Academy of Arts and Sciences

prostate cancer Patrick Walsh
Walsh receives Francis Amory Prize 
for having "forever changed our 
fundamental understanding and 
treatment of prostate cancer." 

Patrick C. Walsh, M.D., the University Distinguished Service Professor of Urology, has been honored by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences as the 2012 recipient of its prestigious Francis Amory Prize. Given by the Academy, which was founded in 1780 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious honorary societies in the United States, the prize recognizes major advances in reproductive biology and medical care. 
At a ceremony held at the Academy's headquarters in Cambridge, Mass.,the Academy presented the Amory Prize to Walsh with a citation that read: "Society has benefited from your path-breaking work as a surgeon, researcher, and teacher. You have forever changed our fundamental understanding and treatment of prostate cancer. For three decades you directed the Brady Urological Institute, whose laboratories, clinics, and operating rooms produced many of the most important advances in urology and trained thousands of doctors from here and abroad. The anatomic approach to radical prostatectomy that you developed has allowed far more men with early-stage disease to lead normal lives. 

Your characterization of the familial and genetic factors responsible for prostate cancer has broadened our understanding of the disease. You and your colleagues identified the first genetic mutation associated with inherited prostate cancer. Moreover, you have established the largest registry of men with hereditary prostate cancer, and led efforts for improved national standards for the early diagnosis and staging of the cancer. 

A member of the Institute of Medicine and editorial board member of The New England Journal of Medicine, you have shared your knowledge both in professional journals and in books for the general public. The advances you have made in understanding and treating prostate cancer have galvanized research and revolutionized the field. 

You have performed 4,569 life-saving surgeries, and with the same commitment and laser-like focus on men's health, you continue to be a source of healing and hope. Distinguished physician-scientist, skilled surgeon, inspired teacher, and relentless investigator, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences is proud to confer upon you the 2012 Francis Amory Prize."

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