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                 Volume 9, Winter 2013

Since 2005, The Patrick C. Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Fund has extended a welcome invitation to all scientists at Johns Hopkins,
in every discipline, to apply for funding if theyhave a good idea worth pursuing that can help us further our understanding of prostate cancer, and help us find the cure. So far, thanks to the tremendous generosity of our patients and friends, we have raised $34 million. Applications are reviewed by a scientific advisory board composed of distinguished Hopkins scientists and two lay members, Chris Evensen and Sam Himmelrich. Some of the exciting work of these investigators is described below.

 2012 Awardees

Michael Caterina, M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Biological Chemistry

Samuel Denmeade, M.D.
The Carolyn and Bill Stutt Scholar
Departments of Oncology, Pharmacology &
Molecular Sciences, Urology, Chemical &
Biomolecular Engineering

Alan Friedman, M.D,

Departments of Oncology and Pediatrics,
Division of Pediatric Oncology

William B. Isaacs, Ph.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Peter S. Bing Scholar
Departments of Urology and Oncology

Marikki Laiho, M.D., Ph.D.

Department of Radiation Oncology,
Division of Molecular Radiation Sciences

Shawn Lupold, Ph.D.

The Nancy and Jim O'Neal Scholar
Departments of Urology and Oncology

Martin Pomper, M.D., Ph.D.

Prostate Cancer Team Scholar
Departments of Radiology, Pharmacology,
Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Psychology and
Environmental Health Sciences in the School of
Public Health

Ronald Rodriguez, M.D., Ph.D.

The Irene and Bernard L. Schwartz Scholar
Departments of Urology, Medical Oncology,
Cellular & Molecular Medicine

Lori Sokoll, Ph.D.

Prostate Cancer Team Scholar
Departments of Pathology, Oncology, and Urology

Dan Stoianoivici, Ph.D.

The Virginia and Warren Schwerin Scholar
Departments of Urology, Mechanical
Engineering, and Neurosurgery

 2012 Awardees, receiving 2nd year of funding

Mohamad E. Allaf, M.D.
The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation Scholar
Departments of Urology, Oncology, and
Biomedical Engineering

Trinity Bivalacqua, M.D., Ph.D.

Prostate Cancer Team Scholar
Departments of Urology and Oncology

Gerald W. Hart, Ph.D.

The Beth W. and A. Ross Myers Scholar
Department of Biochemistry, Cellular &
Molecular Biology

John T. Isaacs, Ph.D.

The R. Christian B. Evensen Scholar
Departments of Urology and Oncology

Phuoc Tran, M.D., Ph.D.

The Phyllis and Brian L. Harvey Scholar
Department of Radiation Oncology &
Molecular Radiation Sciences

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