Kidney Cancer

Clinical Trials

DISSRM (Delayed Intervention and Active Surveillance for Small Renal Masses) Registry

This study is open to any patient with a small renal mass (less than 4cm) suspicious for kidney cancer. The registry catalogs outcomes for patients who choose either active surveillance ( or surgical intervention. The DISSRM Registry was opened in 2009 and is the world's largest, ongoing active surveillance program for kidney tumors.

PI: Pierorazio

Neoadjuvant Nivolumab for Locally Advanced Kidney Cancer

This study is for patients with large or locally advanced kidney tumors. Nivolumab is among a new class of immunotherapy medications that have shown incredible promise for patients with metastatic kidney cancer. Investigators at Johns Hopkins are offering the first trial of its kind in the world, offering nivolumab prior to high-risk patients prior to surgery. Patients with large tumors (greater than 7cm), enlarged lymph nodes or tumors with vascular invasion are eligible for the study.

PI: Allaf

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