The James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute

John P. Gearhart, M.D., Professor and Director of Pediatric Urology at Johns Hopkins Children's Center, has both basic science and clinical interest in the child born with major congenital birth defects including the bladder extrophy-epispadias condition, ambiguous genitalia, and childhood urinary cancers. Dr. Gearhart's clinical and surgical interests are focused on the evaluation and treatment of the bladder muscle, nerve supply, and collagen content of the extrophied bladder. In addition, long-term follow up studies of patients born with ambiguous genitalia are currently underway. Also, new techniques to evaluate the prognosis and long-term outlook for children with childhood kidney tumors are under study. Dr. Gearhart has an academic and clinical interest in the reconstruction of the child who has undergone previous failed bladder exstrophy closures. Dr. Gearhart is involved in long-term outcome studies with Dr. William Reiner of the Department of Child Psychiatry, in the bladder extrophy condition.


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