George  Netto, M.D.
George Netto, M.D.

Director of Surgical Pathology Molecular Diagnostics
Professor of Pathology, Urology and Oncology

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Division of Surgical Pathology
Weinberg Building Room 2242
Baltimore, MD 21231 2410

Office: (410) 955-5082


George Jabboure Netto, M.D., is a Professor in the Department of Pathology, Urology and Oncology and a Staff Member of the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Centre at Johns Hopkins Medical Institution. He is the Director of Surgical Pathology Molecular Diagnostics and the Associate Editor for Basic and Translational Section of the gold journal "Urology" and the Associate Editor of Urology Case Reports.

Dr. Netto has a strong record as clinician scientist of special expertise in the areas of genitourinary pathology and molecular pathology.  He is best known for his work in translational molecular research in bladder cancer, prostate cancer and renal cancers.

In addition, he has cultivated a strong expertise and reputation in the field of Molecular Diagnostics with special interest in molecular applications to the diagnosis and prognostication of solid tumors. Dr. Netto's scholarly activities have resulted in over two hundred articles publications in peer reviewed medical journals. He is a co-author of four books in urologic pathology and a co-editor of a new textbook in genomic applications in pathology.

  He is an actively sought speaker for national and international lectures in the fields of urologic oncology and molecular diagnostics.

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