Elizabeth A. Platz, Sc.D.

Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Bloomberg School of Public Health

Joint Departmental Affiliations Center
Brady Urological Institute; Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer

Director, Training Program in Cancer Epidemiology, Prevention, and Control


Dr. Platz is a cancer epidemiologist, whose research on prostate and colon cancers sits at the interface between epidemiology and basic science. Within prospective cohorts, she studies the association of genetic and epigenetic factors as well as circulating markers of androgenicity, inflammation, and oxidation with prostate cancer incidence and progression. For colorectal neoplasia, her work focuses on the metabolic syndrome, growth factors, and inflammation as sequelae of adiposity. She also studies the role of modifiable factors that influence these pathways, such as diet and lifestyle, in relation to the incidence of these diseases. In addition, she studies these factors in association with benign conditions of the prostate and colon, including benign prostatic hyperplasia and adenomatous polyps. Finally, she has a long-standing interest uncovering explanations for the notably higher rate of prostate cancer in African-American compared to white men, including racial variation in sex steroid hormones in the in utero milieu and throughout life.

For more information please follow this link http://faculty.jhsph.edu/Default.cfm?f=Elizabeth%20A.&l=Platz

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