Donald S. Coffey, Ph.D.

The Catherine Iola and J. Smith Michael Distinguished Professor of Urology
University Distinguished Service Professor of Urology
Professor of Oncology
Professor of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Professor of Pathology

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Principal Professional Staff
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Office: 410-955-2517

Email: dcoffey@jhmi.edu

Fax: 410-502-7711


  • 1970-1971
      President's Committee on Governance of The Johns Hopkins Medical School
  • 1971-1973
      First Vice-Chairman, The Johns Hopkins Medical School Council (Faculty election)
  • 1971-1974
      The Johns Hopkins Medical School Advisory Board
  • 1971-1975
      The Johns Hopkins Medical School Council
  • 1974-1978
      Committee on Educational Policy and Curriculum
  • 1975-1978
      Professorial Promotions Committee
  • 1975-1992
      Admissions Committee for M.D./Ph.D. and Medical Scientist Training Program
  • 1979-1981
      Committee on Cultural and Social Affairs of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
  • 1981-1983
      The Johns Hopkins Medical School Council
  • 1986-
      Advisory Committee to the Office of Cultural Affairs of The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
  • 1987-1988
      The Johns Hopkins Medical School Advisory Board
  • 1987-1988
      The Johns Hopkins Medical School Committee of the Whole
  • 1991-
      University Population Committee
  • 1991-
      Independent Research and Development Biomedical Advisory Committee, Applied Physics Laboratory
  • 1991-
      University-Wide Population Center Advisory Committee


  • 1966-1972
      Research Career Development Awardee, U.S.P.H.S.
  • 1971-1975
      Experimental Therapeutics Study Section, U.S.P.H.S.
  • 1971-1977
      National Prostatic Cancer Project, Working Cadre, National Cancer Institute, U.S.P.H.S.
  • 1979-1983
      National Prostatic Cancer Project, Working Cadre, National Cancer Institute U.S.P.H.S.
  • 1984-1988
      Chairman, National Prostatic Cancer Working Group, Organs Systems Program of the National Cancer Institute
  • 1988-1989
      Consultant, Research Committee, National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Advisory Board
  • 1989-1994
      Member, Board of Scientific Counselors of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  • 1993-
      Member, External Advisory Board for BPH Clinical Investigative Trial, NIDDK


  • 1974-1989
      Board of Consultants, The Journal of Urology
  • 1976-1987
      Editorial Board, Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • 1976-1977
      Editorial Board, Investigative Urology
  • 1978
      Editorial Board, Advances in Sex Hormone Research
  • 1979
      Editorial Board, International Union Against Cancer
  • 1980-
      Editorial Board, The Prostate
  • 1982-1983
      Editorial Board, Cancer Research
  • 1982-1997
      Editorial Board, World Journal of Urology
  • 1991-1996
      Editorial Board, Current Opinions in Urology
  • 1994-
      Editorial Board, Urologic Oncology
  • 1996-
      Consulting Editor, Urology
  • 1996-
      Editorial Board, Primary Care Update, Prostate Health Council, AFUD


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