Bruce J. Trock, Ph.D.

Professor of Urology, Epidemiology, Oncology, Environmental Health
Director, Division of Epidemiology

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

600 N. Wolfe St. , Jefferson Street. Bldg, Rm. 149, Baltimore, MD 21287-8915

Appointments: 410-502-2773

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 Current Research Activities

  • Principal investigator of a multi-center study among 5 prostate cancer SPORE centers to identify biomarkers that can be measured on prostate biopsies with low Gleason grade (men considering active surveillance or watchful waiting) to indicate the presence of unsuspected high grade tumor in the prostate.  The goal is to improve our ability to determine which men with prostate cancer can safely be managed with active surveillance rather than treatment.

  • Principal Investigator of a multi-center study among 11 prostate cancer SPORE centers to conduct rigorous prospective evaluation of eight of the most promising prognostic biomarkers for prostate cancer.

  • Evaluate the role of oxidative stress as a risk factor for prostate cancer, and whether it is mediated by diet and/or genes involved in generation of or response to oxidative damage.

  • Evaluate the influence of diet/nutritional supplements and biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress on progression (worsening) of tumors in prostate cancer patients being followed in a program of  active surveillance as an alternative to treatment.

  • Characterizing the senescent phenotype in prostate cancer, and its relation to aging, diet, and oxidative stress.

  • Mathematical carcinogenesis models and inference in prostate cancer subgroups.

  • Methodologic problems associated with use of biomarkers for chemoprevention and prognosis.
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  Selected Publications (out of 132)

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