August 17, 2017
David A. Bluemke, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Radiology
Department of Radiology and Radiological Science
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Clinical Director, MRI



Research Grants:

October 1, 2002-September 30, 2007
NIH/NCI Early Clinical Trial of Imaging Agents

Role: P.I.
January 15, 1999-January 14, 2009 NIH/NHLBI Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease Study, MRI Reading Center Role: Consultant
September 1, 2002-August 31, 2005
NIH/NHLBI Contrast enhanced MRI of the carotid artery in MESA
The goal of this study is to evaluate the relationship between inflammatory serum markers and enhancement of the carotid arterial wall in the MESA study.

July 1, 2001-June 30, 2005
NIH/NHLBI Evaluation of myocardial systolic and diastolic function in MESA
The goal of this research is evaluate systolic and diastolic function in the MESA study, and correlate this with atherosclerotic burden.
September 30, 1995-August 29,2004
NIH Longitudinal evaluation of prostate growth and disease in male BLSA subjects; MRI studies
The major goal of this project is to provide MRI evaluation of prostate size for participants in Baltimore Longitudinal Study on prostate aging

Principal Investigator
July 1, 2001-June 30, 2005

NIH Proton MR Spectroscopic Imaging in Human Breast Cancer
The goal of this project is to develop techniques for proton spectroscopy in the human breast for the diagnosis of breast cancer.
August 1, 1999-July 31, 2004
NIH/NHLBI Harmonic Phase MRI for Ultrafast Cardiac Strain Imaging
The goals of this research are to develop and validate a new, ultrafast method to image myocardial motion and strain using tagged magnetic resonance imaging and the concept of harmonic phase images.
June 1, 2003-December 31, 2003
MRI evaluation of the contralateral breast in women with a recent diagnosis of breast cancer Role: P.I
April 1, 2003-March 30, 2004
MR imaging and MR spectroscopic imaging of prostate cancer prior to radical prostatectomy: a prospective multi-institutional clinicopathological study Role: Site PI


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