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  1. Awards will be for pilot projects to supportmulti-disciplinary research focused on prostate cancer that aims to develop anew research direction, explore an innovative idea, test an unconventional, butpotentially important, new hypothesis, or ascertain the feasibility of a newresearch approach.
  2. An emphasis will be placed on funding high risk / highreward research with a high priority given to project innovation and potentialfor clinical impact.
  3. Partnership with a Brady Urological Institute facultymember is highly encouraged.
  4. All faculty of the Johns Hopkins University mayapply, whether or not they are members of the James Buchanan Brady UrologicalInstitute or of the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center. However, aninvestigator may hold only one pilot project award at a time. Fellows arenot permitted to be principal investigators.
  5. A preference will be given to applicationssubmitted by investigators who have not previously received research supportthrough Patrick C. Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Fund.
  6. Funds (up to $100,000for one year) may be used for the salaries of postdoctoral fellows ortechnicians, for equipment, and/or for consumable supplies.
  7. Awards are granted fora 1 year period with the option of extending for 1 year with a scientificjustification.At the conclusion of thefirst year (and the NCE period), a financial status report should be provideddetailing utilization of funds.At theconculstion of the project, unspent funds should be returned to the Departmentof Urology.
  8. Grant applications should be submittedelectronically.Please use the PilotProjects Registration Center, which can be accessed at
  9. Applicationsshould be simple and brief and include the following documents in the order indicated below:
    • Page 1 ofthe application proposal should serve as the Title Page while the SpecificAims, Background, and Experimental Design sections should not exceed five pages, using Arial 11 Font, and ½”margins
    • ApplicationProposal (all required materials should be merged into one pdf document anduploaded into the application portal)
      • Title Page (Project title, PI/Co-PIs, anddepartment affiliations)
      • SpecificAims
      • Background,including preliminary studies of applicant
      • ExperimentalDesign (Please refer to previous publications of P.I. whenever possible).
      • References/workscited (pages for this section are not included in the 5 page limit)
      • Additionalmaterials (see below for requirements)
        • Detailed Budget
        • Budget Justification
        • Biosketchform for all key personnel (please use the current NIH biosketch format)
        • Current andpending funding for PI and co-PI: Carefully indicate reasons fornon-overlap if potential overlap exists.
  10. Applications will be judged by a review panel composedof senior faculty members from several Departments at the Johns HopkinsUniversity School of Medicine.
  11. Awardees will be expected to provide a 500-word summaryof their research plans, understandable to lay people, at the time of funding,and an additional 500-word summary of their research accomplishments, alsounderstandable to lay people, at the completion of funding.Awardees will also be expected to presenttheir progress at an annual scientific session.
  12. Publications generated as a result of funding supportshould acknowledge the Patrick C. Walsh Prostate Cancer ResearchFund