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The daVinci Surgical System has two components:

  1. the surgical robot
  2. the surgeon console.

The surgical robot has 2-3 working arms and a single arm for assembly to the laparoscope (telescopic lens)

The surgeon is seated at a remote console, where he has complete control over camera and robotic instrument movement using hand manipulators and foot pedal controls

robotic surgery for urology

Tiny robotic instruments are inserted through key-hole (0.5-1 cm) incisions made in the abdomen. The magnified three-dimensional view offered by this robotic system allows the surgeon to appreciate the anatomic structures and organs being dissected with greater detail.

By manipulating master controls using the surgeons’ thumb and index finger, the surgeon is able to control tiny wristed instrumentation with great precision and accomplish complex surgical tasks such as suturing and dissection all with the facility of a human wrist


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